Education and Training

WIOA helps participants identify pathways to meaningful, sustainable, and competitive careers by exposing them to a variety of education and training opportunities. WIOA eligible participants receive assistance with planning a new career step-by-step from knowledgeable Employment Counselors, who are dedicated to assessing work skills, identifying training needs, and assisting with training funds.

Monmouth County has identified numerous occupations which are in high demand for our region. Be sure to meet with your Employment Counselor to find out what in demand occupations would be right for you.

Education & Training opportunities may include the following:

On the Job Training – Allows an eligible customer to learn skills for a specific occupation through demonstration and practice under actual working conditions. This training will occur while the customer is engaged in productive, full-time work as a hired employee.

Classroom Training – Allows a certified Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act customer to attend short-term classroom training. Classroom Training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) offers:

Continuing Education Training – Allows a certified Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act customer to attend short-term certificate training programs that range from one month to one year.

Recorded Workshop Links:

Click here to view all the recorded workshops available.

Job Search Workshops offered by MCDWD:
Creating a Plan – JSW 1, Eps 1
Networking for a Job- JSW 1, Eps 2

Creating Your Profile – LIW, Eps 1
Connections & Messaging – LIW, Eps 2
Job Search – LIW, Eps 3

SM for Job Search, SMW, Eps 1
CyberSecurity, SMW, Eps 2

SOME Guest Speaker Recordings Include:
Confident on Camera: How to Engage Your Virtual Audience
Brand You: The 10 Steps to Identify You
Ask Me Anything about Resumes
Activate Your Job Search with Career Agility

A comprehensive list* of training providers and courses may be viewed at the * page.  

*Please note, this comprehensive list of training providers and programs of study is subject to change at any time and may or may not be approved by the local workforce area. Questions regarding training providers and programs of study should be directed to your assigned Employment Counselor.